Batterija Taz Zonqor

Marsaskala plan - Zonqor Battery

Zonqor Battery (Batterija Taz Zonqor)

Zonqor Battery was built during the British era in 1882 (from the book listed below). It had to defened Marsaskala Bay – but some sources say the cannons were never installed in it.

Satellite photo of the Zonqor Battery, Marsaskala, Malta, 35.86827,14.564308

Satellite photo of the Zonqor Battery, Marsaskala, Malta

Right now it is not accesible by usual means. The local farmer made it so, that you can’t really access it. The battery is listed as a Malta’s heritage site, however not much heritage may be left soon, after the site is being used for farming/hunting purposes.

The Charles Stephenson, Steve Noon: The Fortifications of Malta 1530-1945. S. 6



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